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About Us

Winemasons is designed by Oenologists, wine industry recruiters and digital extraordinaries. Our point of difference? We harness the powerful pixel, social profiling and dynamic advertising to intimately, accurately and instantly reach your perfect candidates. 

Our introduction videos as a part of our online applications so employers can gain insight into their applicants…this feature alone is revolutionising international recruitment presently. Along with the powerful headhunting resume search tool, instant chat support system and backend application management with google map integration puts us as a leader in wine industry online recruiting presently. 

Always promoting integrity, Winemasons targets only on the exceptional, innovative and forward-thinking wine business opportunities and people. We support equal pay, honest business approach, woman in wine, LGBT and promote exceptional persons and opportunities in wine no matter their race or status. We take the time in reviewing every single job and candidate on our platform and monitor integrity and best business practices. We do this as we headhunt the best international talent for our own side projects.

Winemasons provides a catalyst for integrity driven, innovative and forward-thinking wine business opportunities and people. 

The Founder of Winemasons understands the industry. “Finding good people can be really difficult. I started as a winery vintage worker before being hired by one of the largest privately owned wineries in NZ to then do the hiring for their wineries. Over that time I interviewed over 1500 international candidates over three years to fill 90 jobs throughout four different wineries in Australia and NZ. I was exposed to every issue, problem and obstacle from both employer and candidate point of views, so I understand the issues wine business face. I knew the process could be improved for both sides, integrity was also something that was essential to maintain when creating this project”.

Now after 3 years of careful planning we are proud to launch Winemasons to the global wine community.


We are a small team who are passionate about good people, fine wine and nurturing incredible wine talent that is taking our industry into the future. We are Oenology educated recruitment experts with a Digital, Graphic Design and Communications flare. 

Everyone behind Winemasons is at the top of their game, top 5% cream-of-the-crop high achievers. We thrive off positive energy, loyalty and hard work and like to think we attract the same values in our candidates. Lets be connected and get inspired.

Interested? Send us an email to register your interest at info@winemasons.com with ‘Winemasons wine agent’ in the subject heading. When a project comes up we will review your experience and if you pass….we contact you to tell you about the project.


 Winemasons offer consultancy services to both businesses and candidates. Happy to discuss any bespoke requirements, just send us a message or give us a call to discuss how we can help.

Let us do it for you!

Tell us what kind of person you want for your team, and we can manage your recruiting for you.

Reference Checks

So necessary, but awfully time consuming to complete. If you don’t have time, we can complete your reference checks for you.