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Taking the Headache out of


Vintage Recruitment

I have spent the past week putting together free training to show you how to transcend your wine business from boring ground hog day…. to cutting edge and killing it. I literally pull back the curtain and share how I processed 1,500 candidates and what I did to save time and money. I give tips on how to attract the best candidates to your jobs in whichever country your business is trading. 


The lessons in this video require volume of experience and could give you the leg up over your competitors. These practical tips, along with my social media advertising algorithm knowledge are the bedrock to my success and my clients success and I know they will serve you well and give you an edge on the competition.


Here I share tips & tricks that saved me time and money when recruiting for vintage

If you are cringing at your existing vintage recruitment process (or lack of) and need some fresh ideas to save time and money? Here are my tips after personally interviewing over 1500 international candidates for wineries and vineyards in NZ and Australia. The video covers…

1. How to attract the right candidates

2. Understanding advertising and who to advertise with

3. Quick and easy ways to process your applications including my FREE email correspondence templates

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This case study video is for any premium international wine businesses who recruit for vintage/harvest and…

  • Are frustrated with their current recruiting systems and want more time to spend on things they WANT to be doing.

  • Who spend way too much time recruiting and want to increase their return on investment.

  • Who are interested in ways to their competitors in the dust.

  • Who want a predictable way to attract high quality candidates to their business.

  • Who are interested in learning how to position themselves to improve employer branding and process job applications quickly.


or maybe your interested in talking to someone about how you can improve your existing systems to gain the most leverage with wine industry recruitment? Make a 30 minute appointment to chat with the Founder of Winemasons.

“Mia supercharged our vintage sourcing process and we the best wine team years running saving us time and money.”


Russell Malone – Delegat