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We have a ‘scary good’ proven method to get maximum exposure for your job postings.

We know analytics tools, SEO tricks & Social Media networks inside out. 

Trust us  to take care of business.

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We Harness the Most Powerful Social & Digital Advertising Strategies 


We harness the latest digital and social media advertising strategies putting your jobs in the pockets of the best candidates instantly.

We target the best people for your job, even if they are not currently working in the wine industry. We will put your job listing in front of them, all you have to do is sit there and wait for the applications to flood in . 

Gain the ability to HEADHUNT the perfect people for your job. 


Sometimes the perfect candidate is busy working and not checking out the listings. With our powerful ‘Search Resume’ tool you can search all candidates best for your role. Search by location if you need some extras for vintage, or pick a bespoke A-team and contact them directly.

Candidate Video Introductions


Imagine how much easier recruiting would be if you could view a short video of the applicant introducing themselves. Candidates listed with Winemasons have the option to apply with their online resume including an introduction video. An employer can request all applicants include a video as part of your recruitment process if they like. Recruitment experts are now saying Introduction Videos or Video Resume’s are the way of the future, particularly when recruiting globally and interviewing can be a logistical nightmare. 

Featured Jobs That Stand Out


Have the option to list your job as ‘Featured’ and take advantage of the premium spotlight on the Winemasons Home Page as well as having your job list first in the results on the search page.

Applications Management


Track your jobs, attach private notes to applications and reply with one click. Filter applications and file them into folders so you know exactly who to contact for an interview and who to decline.

Rate Your Applicants Using Our 5 Star Rating System


Decide how many stars an application is worth and apply our easy 5 star rating system. You will then be able to filter all applications so your 5 star applicants are found quickly.

Good Looking Job Listings


Our Job Listing template is easy to fill out, easy to read and beautifully designed by designers. Each job listing looks fabulous online on both mobile and computer attracting the best candidates and enabling an organic social media sharing of your listing.

Export All Applications to Excel 


Once your job has been filled, Winemasons gives you the option to export all your applications to an Excel file with one action. Sort, filter and save the best applications for possible job opportunities in the future at your company.

Winemasons features include intro videos, digital and social advertising strategies.