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Video Introduction Guide

According to the global recruitment experts, with the increase in use of social media and digital marketing in recruitment, introduction Videos and Video Resumes are becoming the way of the future.

Adding a short (20 sec – 1 minute) quick introduction video of yourself to your resume WILL make you stand out from the rest. It is a very powerful tool in successfully finding a job particularly in English speaking countries. The employer can rarely interview you in person and this will help them decide.


Check out a good example video

Check out these for a good example of an Introduction Video. Your final video result will depend on lots of things which you should consider before you start. If you don’t have any video editing experience don’t worry! Some of the best videos are the simple straight talk to the camera kind of ones. Trust us, its better to have a video introduction attached to your online resume than not at all!

The content is the most important but you also need to be aware of lighting, sound quality and your background. Although much longer than we recommend, some examples of Video resume’s here and here. We suggest showing your personality as this is what will get you the job over someone that doesn’t! Some good tips on what NOT to do when recording a video resume here.

First Write a Script

We would suggest you including your name, age and which country you come from. Your education and qualifications are also handy to include as well as some of your experience. You can include the names of some of the key companies where you have worked  and maybe mention any specific duties you did there. Any other countries where you have worked might be of interest to a perspective employer and any hobbies or interests that you have.  Why do you want to work for that company.  REMEMBER: The people watching this will be deciding whether or not to give you a job.

Some things to remember 


Talk slowly and clearly (please DO NOT read from a script, because it shows –and anyone could speak another language if all they had to do was read it!) 

Practice before you record the final Video .

Pretend that you are speaking to someone you like a lot. This will hopefully make your body language more positive and relaxed.

How to Upload Your Video to YouTube or Vimeo 

Create a FREE user account (unless you already have one) following the instructions, Browse your videos and upload your introduction video giving it an appropriate title like “Firstname Lastname_Winemasons intro video”.  Make sure you change the privacy settings to “Public” so the employer can view your video. Save Changes!

Don’t forget to copy the url video link before you go back to you Winemasons resume and paste the url link into the form field that asks for your ‘Video link’.

You can then preview your resume and your video should be viewable.

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